Tarot Daily Lesson Feb. 22, 2012: Four of Wands Reversed

This Tarot Daily Lesson comes straight from the Four of Wands reversed. “Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment,” -Buddha.

The Four of Wands reversed bids us to be thankful for what we do have. Some keywords and phrases, that describe this card: keep trying, humility, and small wonders in life It many not be a grand celebration, but it is what is there.  We have our health and that of our children, our home is secure, and we are happy. When all is said and done, who could really want for more? The everyday things that we take for granted are worthy of thanksgiving, too. Enjoy what is there, be present in the moment.

Reversed: Lack of splendor does not mean lack of the party spirit to enjoy it!

What have I learned from the Four of Wands reversed?

Today I have learned that time is short and to always be thankful! My neighbor asked me to go for an almost two mile walk with him. He was wearing six pound ankle weights, I had on a hoodie and carried a purse. The last five minutes I was internally bemoaning my lack of a fitness routine. He was walking at a steady pace and I was at least 10 paces behind him. The Four of Wands reversed reminds me not to curse the lack of fitness but to be thankful that I can walk for two miles without resting regardless of how tired I become! What has the Four of Wands reversed taught you?