Monthly Tarot Spread: July – Find the Right Balance Between Work and Play

July TU Spread

The Issue: Six of Wands – “Go boldly forth.”

I know, I know, There’s a parade going on in my honor. However, I want to note a few things first: I got here through hard work and enhancing and nurturing some fabulous business endeavors. It wasn’t easy at first and many other people were successful before me but I prevailed. And here I am! I want you to consider this: Does the person make the parade or does the parade make the person? Think about and get back to me with your answer later.

Action to Avoid: Knight of Pentacles – “Don’t get bogged down while getting things organized.”

I am the most determined Knight in Tarot. I can see that you may have been thinking of the fiery Knight of Wands or the dashing Knight of Swords. Ask either of them how they feel about hard work. Go on, I’ll wait…I believe they both said something like working hard is for the birds. That’s okay; their jobs are different because they live in different climates than I do. It is my job to get everything lined up and in working order. I’m not afraid of manual labor and, at times, I relish it! Though I can get carried away with the working attitude at times. It’s the thing that pushes you to keep going and get everything just right. When that happens I forget why I am doing this hard work, which is to benefit my family and the Land of Pentacles. Don’t forget the reason why you’re working.

Action to Take: Six of Cups – “Share your talents with others.”

Hello! We’re so glad you stopped by! Come play with us! No? Are you sure? The more the merrier! You will join us? Hooray! Don’t worry the cat is friendly. What do you mean what shall we do? We do whatever comes into our heads. We live in the present moment because it is awesome and wonderful. You should try it some time. How about right now? Now is the perfect time to start living in the present moment! Relax. Maybe later you can teach us that game you mentioned earlier, that would be fun! We always like learning new games.

Blessings to You!

Genevieve Ragana

Rare Tarot Appearances: Trifecta Court Cups

Gilded Tarot L-R: 5 of Swords, Knight of Cups, Death, 5 of Cups, The Hierophant, 6 of Swords, Queen of Cups, Knight of Pentacles and King of Cups.

This exact spread appeared about a month ago as I was reading for a client. I took a picture, something I am not in the habit of doing, because the Knight, Queen, and King of Cups appeared in the spread in that order. Wow! How rare is that? The topic of the reading was Love. Given the Trifecta of Cups, I would interpret this as a lot of serious learning about love and being loving. Hopefully, because of the King of Cups, there will be a mastery of lessons learned about love. Or possibly, a mastery of Loving Who You Are. Learning to accept yourself and love yourself completely.

The other Tarot cards indicate that this will take some hard work and be a long and on-going process. The Knight of Pentacles and 6 of Swords indicate that it this will be a journey of the mind and it may be hard to know what is stable from what is in the mind, the thoughts. The Fives (Cups and Swords) indicate emotional and mental confusion. That is, “What path to take?” If a path can be seen through all the confusion, of course.

All is not lost, though! The Hierophant and Death are present to guide this transformation. The Hierophant represents long-held beliefs and rules. Death is the card of transformation an change. “Dig deep,” they say, “Find that spark of yourself and nurture it. Help it to grow and it will guide you forward.” What beliefs are being kept? Should they be kept, or discarded? Better yet, will they be kept or discarded?

Nothing about this Tarot spread is easy. It is complex and they way is not perfectly clear either, like someone tore the middle of the map apart and hid that section leaving only the beginning and the end. At least there will be plenty of love and encouragement thanks to the Court of Cups!

How would you interpret this Tarot spread? What do the Court of Cups say to you? How does this spread make you feel? Get your thinking caps on and have your pens at the ready so you can take notes when those idea start flowing!

Blessings to You!

Genevieve Ragana