Tarot Card of the Day-Prince of Pentacles: How Do I Live Within Nature’s Bounty?

Prince of Pentacles

Prince of Pentacles [Druidcraft Tarot]: Realistic. The Prince of Pentacles excels at making certain things are working as they are meant to be. He may not be as cheerful and energetic as the other knights but the Prince of Pentacles doesn’t need cheer or energy to fulfill his duties. What does it matter how it happens as long as it’s done? The Prince of Pentacles is fiercely protective of his family and the Land of Pentacles. Who can blame him for being patriotic? This is his family and his homeland. This protectiveness is not about honor; it’s simply who he is and he true to himself. Being anyone else is not appealing to this prince. His so called “boring” life is his own and he is happy being himself. The Prince of Pentacles enjoys the finer things in life and he knows the best way to get them is through working to earn them. Though he is not innovative, he does just fine using pragmatic planning. Tradition and convention are the most useful methods for him. Why change methods that produce great results? He can be found anywhere work is required because his focus is protecting his assets. Way to be!

Ask yourself: How am I true to myself? What is worth protecting? What work must be done to acquire what I desire?

Blessings to You!

Genevieve Ragana