Card of the Day: The Wanderer

The Wanderer

The Wanderer [The Wildwood Tarot]: Seeker. Harry Potter is the youngest ever Seeker in Quidditch. He is a Seeker of the Snitch, but he’s still a Seeker. He came to his turning point in later in his teenage years. Harry never had a solid plan about how to achieve his goals, but, he didn’t need one. It is not required to know exactly what the next step will be. Simply take that first step and the rest will materialize; like it did for Indiana Jones in The Last Crusade. Trust the Seeker Within to guide your way.

Ask yourself: What knowledge or truth am I seeking? Are the tools (ideas, beliefs, routines, thoughts, and skills) in my pack useful? How can I best welcome this new quest? What can I do to involve my creative imagination on this quest? How can I best aid others on their Wanderer quests? What message awaits me at the quest’s completion?

Blessings to You!

Genevieve Ragana

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