What Will Happen in House of Cards’ Season Two?

House of Cards season 2
L-R: High Priestess, Death, 5 of Pentacles, Empress, and King of Pentacles

Unless you’re living under a rock, or without access to Netflix, you’ve probably heard of their original series House of Cards starring Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright. It’s about the House Majority Whip, Francis “Frank” Underwood, (Spacey) as he schemes his way around the political system to achieve his goals. Additionally his wife Claire (Wright) will also stop at nothing to reach her goals. If you’re like me, you’ve burned through all 13 episodes of the first season in two nights and are wondering, “What will happen next?” Rest assured, 13 more episodes have been made. When they will be released is not yet determined. However, I thought it would be fun and entertaining to lay a Tarot spread out asking about the forthcoming season two.

I know the image above isn’t the most clear, the Gilded Tarot-Royale cards are quite large and apparently, shiny when photographed in a group. The individual cards appear below for your enhanced viewing pleasure! If you haven’t seen House of Cards, don’t worry this Tarot interpretation is spoiler free! And, no I don’t have any knowledge of when season two will be released on Netflix, nor do I have any plot information gathered from sources other than watching season one on Netflix. The following interpretation is meant to be entertaining and fun! That’s all. And now, the exciting, nail-biting Gilded Tarot-Royale reveal.


Card 1-Theme of Season 2: The High Priestess

The main theme of season two involves secrets and knowledge. Who’s got something to hide? Everyone’s hiding something, except Peter. Who wants to expose these secrets? I imagine the journalists would like to know what’s going on for starters, and once they know, the public will know. And things will snowball from there. One thing is certain, the High Priestess holds these secrets for now, but all secrets come to light eventually. I predict the theme will start like a tiny crack in the dam and go unchecked until all the secrets come rushing out in a flodd. I can’t wait to see what happens here!

Death GTR

Card 2-Frank Underwood’s Story in season 2: Death

Frank’s story during season 2 will be one involving a humongous change. Not a little change, not even an inconvenient change, a rather sizable change. Why do I say this? Death is the biggest change of them all. It’s been called the next grand adventure. Now, I don’t believe Frank will die in the show. I’m not saying that. What i am saying is things will be set in motion and there will be no going back. I’m talking end-of-the-world, stuck-on-a-deserted-island type of change here. Speaking of deserted islands, I predict that this season will involve Frank truly testing his survival skills on the hill. How will Frank overcome his story’s narrative this season? Will he be successful in resolving his story? Time will tell!

5 Pentacles GTR

Card 3-Claire Underwood’s story in season 2: 5 of Pentacles

Ah, Claire. The 5 of Pentacles isn’t an easy card to have. What are you really looking for this season? Do you even know what it is? Because the 5 of Pentacles is about going on a rather long journey. Rather like Frodo’s quest in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, though, thankfully, not as epic. I know money isn’t tight for you or Francis. So it’s not a lack of funds that is your struggle this season. Whatever it is, I like you, I hope you find it! Though you will be extremely uncomfortable on your journey. But that, my dear, is the nature of the 5 of Pentacles. No one travels through this Tarot card in style. Sorry!

Empress GTR

Card 4-Doug Stamper’s story in season 2: The Empress

Doug Stamper, Frank’s, for lack of a more accurate word, assistant. Your story is The Empress this upcoming season. Nurturing and proving support. Alas, you will probably not be top dog this season. Frank has that job cornered. I think that’s how you like though, don’t you? You see an awful lot of what goes on with Frank, his plans and schemes. You are quite good at your job, but maybe it’s time to think about sticking closer to home. That’s the empress card for you, caring for the home. What IS your home situation? We, the audience were not shown it in season one. I hope we get to see more of your story outside of Frank’s of being aide in season two. I really hope your story ends happily.

King Pentacles GTR

Card 5-Resolution of the Theme of season 2: King of Pentacles

The resolution of the High Priestess is the King of Pentacles. The wealthiest king, where money is concerned, in Tarot. He is very methodical and progresses one step at a time. Politics is sneaky, deceptive, and tricky game. All the players, Frank, Claire, Doug, and the rest of the characters, will really have to watch themselves closely. One wrong move and the whole structure will fall, rather like a house made of cards. (That was intentional.) So, how will this be resolved? By the book. Tracing the data, and looking methodically for evidence. The King of Pentacles is stickler for examination of the material world. If a loophole exists, he will find it by going point-by-point until it’s uncovered. This is someone who is very skilled at business. He is dark haired and dark-eyed man. Who do we know that matches that description? Because if that man exists, I’m calling him as the winner of season two. He’s the one who gets all the credit!

Other ways you can use this spread:

  • Add additional cards in between the first and last card for each character’s story you want to investigate.
  • As a spread to see the different relationships between people. The first card represents the relationship now and the last card represents where the relationship will go.
  • Parts of the Self spread: The first card is the issue at hand, add a card for the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual parts of the self. The final card represents your whole united self.

Blessings to You!

Genevieve Ragana

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