Knight of Pentacles

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Knight of Pentacles

The Knight of Pentacles is trustworthy and honest.  This is someone who is thorough and meticulous.  Because he is so methodical, the work he does will be near pristine.  The Knight of Pentacles knows the value of good day’s labor.  Here is someone who will help us reach new heights; he processes determination and needs only to know that the work must be completed.

Upright:  The Knight of Pentacles is caring and loves animals.  This card can indicate a sale or business deal is coming.  This is someone who will work for us behind the scenes to get what is desired.  When he appears the message is to keep working, and keep at it.  The Knight of Pentacles may be a great broker, veterinarian, financial investor, or farmer.  This card can represent a new job offer, a pay raise, or a solid investment that will get a good return or an approved loan.  When the Knight of Pentacles appears, the field that we cultivated and invested in will grant us a bountiful crop.  We have a worthy reward for our labor because we worked and toiled over the barren land.  There is always another peak to climb on the mountain; another goal to reach and the Knight of Pentacles knows just how to spur us onward.

Reversed:  The Knight of Pentacles may be irresponsible.  All the drive he possesses when upright has scattered and his focus is lost.  This is someone who may start many projects only to leave them half-way through.  The Knight of Pentacles becomes his own relentless taskmaster; he is always working without rest.  Important and everyday items are not moving along as efficiently because he is not at his best.  This knight is struggling and does not want to reach out for help.  Getting him to focus on one thing at a time and seeing that one thing through will help the knight to focus.  The Knight of Pentacles will get back on track.  Just like tending a field, everything gets finished one step at a time.

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