Knight of Swords

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Knight of Swords

The Knight of Swords is a speedy messenger on the move!  He brings news that is truthful, even if it is not the desired news.  Because the Knight of Swords is so fast, his messages will tend toward caution and staying on guard, much like Paul Revere’s spirited ride through New England.  Most importantly, he represents the need to get things moving now!

Upright:  The Knight of Swords represents important matters coming forward.  A new person may be appearing soon.  Watch the signs and mind them well this card says.  Everything is worthy of our attention; nothing is too small.  Expect things to be turned on their head when this card comes up. Keeping up the pace is what the Knight of Swords does best.  Here is someone who is quick and light and can give out stunning one-liners with ease.  This person will not stand for harmful secrets to be kept and everything will be out in the open with them.  There is a real sense of urgency moving behind him and he cannot wait for things to be sorted out.  Now is the time!

Reversed:  The Knight of Swords is incapable of delivering messages when reversed.  He cannot warn others because he lacks the mental stamina to aid himself.  He is worn out and troubled.  This card comes up when we need to stop charging, lay down our sword and listen to what is being said.  This is a person who may be prune to starting a fight or argument just to cause tension.  If someone is opposed to what is being considered, this card may appear to show it.  This card can indicate that warnings will not be given and so those involved will be unprepared.  The Knight of Swords reversed can represent those who are apathetic toward others, those who are aloof, and those silently brooding over something.  This card can come up to signify deceptiveness and dishonesty so proceed with caution when the Knight of Swords is reversed.

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