Page of Swords

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Page of Swords

The Page of Swords is vigilant and a quick thinker.  This is someone who examines the situation and decides on a course of action immediately; even in an emergency.  The Page of Swords is very intent upon delivery of the message that they possess.  This person has the foresight to show us that there is a hidden meaning to everything and that we would do very well to analyze our surroundings thoroughly.

Upright:  This card is all about being wary and alert.  Things are moving in such a way that information is not secure.  Third parties may be involved in obtaining secret knowledge, like a private detective.  The Page is overeager to be of help due to his inquisitive nature.  The extra “help” may not be what is needed.  This person may have the confidence to do all the tasks at hand.  This would eliminate the need to have actual conversations with those involved and create dependence upon the messenger to rely all information accurately.  Sitting down and getting the all facts in order is much advised when the Page of Swords comes upright.

Reversed:  The Page of Swords clears away all the extemporaneous information and cuts down to the heart of the matter.  The truth, such that is, will come out when this card is reversed.  No third parties or unimportant bits of news will be found here.  Be knowledgeable of all things, the Page of Swords says.  Events which are strange or any unexplained behavior that is occurring and all will work itself out for the best interest of all concerned.  Any existing frustrations with someone will be spoken of and the slate wiped clean.  Nothing will go unsaid when the Page of Swords appears for the need to be articulate is too strong to remain quiet.  That which is impulsive and chaotic will become rational and calm as signified by this card when it is reversed.

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